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The wiki song book for free music…
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…contains 70 pieces of music at this time.

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The band of the week is blinkender Pfeil, sehr hässlich Chomolungmas Kleid.
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Quick Overview

This site aims at creating a song book for free music, both for finished pieces as well as unfinished pieces that are yet to be developed. Here you may explore the possibilities of free music and if you like, write thousand-page research papers.

What is Free Music?

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Free music is the attempt to transfer the principles of free software to music. With free music, everybody has the right

  • to use for any purpose,
  • to study,
  • to improve, and
  • to pass around.

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How to Participate

Everybody can participate in this wiki. Just dare to – you can't cause much damage… For more information have a look at the community portal.